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The new Singles

Ave Maria“ (Bach / Gounod)  &

„Pachelbels’s Canon in D“

are now available on iTunes & Amazon.

27/29. July 2010

Ave Maria“ & „Pachelbels’s Canon in D“ out now!

Sep. 23  2010            Two Gentlemen of Lebowski

Tomorrow is opening night!

More information on the Website of Dad's Garage



Okt. 12 2010            Video

I’m very happy:

The video for "Pachelbel's Canon in D" is online !
Its a HighWireFilms Production,

directed by Arlen Konopaki.
Take a look...

Nov. 29 2010            Vernissage

I’m back in Berlin.

Nächsten Sonntag gebe ich einen kleinen Auftritt

zur Vernissage einer Freundin. Eintritt frei!

(Solage Platz ist)